Travel to France, Impressionists route
France Private Group Tour

The best way to travel to France

Azurom Travel and GKFrench joined forces to curate this exclusive journey to the Belle Epoque and eve of Impressionism in France.

Come with us  this October 2024 for this well designed and intimate travel experience from the City of Lights, Giverny, Rouen and Honfleur, in the steps of Pissaro, Degas, Caillebotte & Monet.

Inspired from Gigi popular sold out course «Impressionisme Francais», Gigi will serve as travel director & local leader/ translator in this dream itinerary. 

We welcome all adult francophones & francophiles and the art lovers.

Only 6 spots available, no prior french language required!

Welcome to Paris in the 1870s
Discover Impressionism in the City of Lights

Spend two wonderful nights in Paris, diving into its creative art and exceptional culture. Explore Orsay and Orangerie museums with Gigi, your travel leader, for an authentic and fun Parisian experience. 

Step into the 1870s in Paris, hub of European culture, art, fashion, and literature. Between museum visits, taste the delights of local restaurants, and soak up the city's vibrant atmosphere.

Explore beautiful Giverny
In the Footsteps of Claude Monet

Experience the magic of Claude Monet's world in Giverny: Visit his home, stroll through his iconic gardens, and paint amidst his inspiration. A day where art and nature intertwine.

Stroll through historic Rouen, capitale of Normandy
Fall in love with this enchanting French city

After a memorable day in Giverny, spend a night in Rouen, known for its history. Explore the city's medieval charm and iconic sites such as Rouen Cathedral and Musée des Beaux Arts. 

Enjoy a delicious taste of classic French cuisine, and immerse yourself in local flavors. 

Afterwards, guests will tour the charming town of Honfleur in a private car. Nestled on the shores of Normandie, Honfleur is a historic and artistic landmark that enchanted many renowned painters and writers.

Discover quaint Honfleur and its surroundings along the Normandy coast
Immerse yourself in Impressionism and romantic charm

Enjoy three nights in a lovely local hotel. Explore the city and soak up its romantic, and impressionist charm. 

Stroll the streets, admire the breathtaking sea views and discover local art. Enjoy a free morning to wander at your leisure before returning to Paris in the afternoon.

Final Evening in Paris
Enjoying Art, Cuisine, and Seine Views Before Departure

End your trip with a last night in Paris, enjoying the city of lights. Enjoy a relaxed evening, over a meal in a cozy Parisian restaurant. Take one last stroll along the Seine river, and revisit fun memories of your artistic adventures in France.

Azurom travel agency
Meet your tour leader, Gigi
The ultimate lover of the French language and culture

After graduating in Paris, Gigi explored the world living in Montreal, London and Chicago teaching French for over 20 years. Her teaching philosophy is the integration of authentic culture combined with real life scenarios and intentional communicative skills with great emphasis on comprehensible input. Her most popular courses are the result of her lifelong passion for the culture, history, lifestyle, and art traveling all over France for several decades as a native speaker but also as a french educator

Your Hotel Destination

Enjoy comfortable stays at local 4* Hotels

For your stay, charming hotels embody the essence of each destination. From Paris to Honfleur, via Rouen, these places will enable you to make linguistic and cultural discoveries while enjoying local and comfortable accommodations.